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Amazing game! I nearly fangirled when I saw Olive and the gang! And everything else is amazing!! I loved everything!!! 

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good game had fun playing it

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Just finished the visual novel.

So, that's that.

It left me feeling... a bit exhausted. Not sure if it's in a good way or a bad way, given everything that led up to this.


I'm not sure how to feel about the big twist with Sora given it never really came up in the previous installments, or about Volt's sudden elevation to protagonist with a prophecy, nudging Olive and Patches into the role of supporting protagonists.

It was nice to see the original cast, even if they didn't have overly significant roles to play.

The resolution was satisfying, though I noticed that it glossed over what happened with Volt's father.


Well soras power did come up before in the prequal where sora was named  "sky" but i agree with the res

i just finished it the coding is amazing it was quick to download but there was so much included in the game; absolutely incredible. the plot and new characters are just fantastic, my emotions were really pulled on this one. this is such an incredible game and its amazing that its free to play. 139248/10

it was a good game and i did the ending good


Good game!I enjoy it very much.

Oh wow, it's fun~

I see it go with the style of third PA too as well with the school exploration. I love how you split it between Side V and O and finale. I think you successfully capture how the characters from the main game will act as well. Either way yeah, enjoy side V~

Whoops, forgot to post here. Here's Side O~! As I said on the previous comment they're personality is pretty much acceptable! Just a little bit of excessive swearing but that's still something understandable because it's Purrfect Apawcalypse universe where normal day becomes f*cked up!

The "Last Episode", though it's split into chapters X)

Quite nice, I see that you implement something from the previous games in the series too to this with the exploration. Though unlike PA IF 0 the exploration here is rather monotonous (don't think to much of my criticism, I'm not a professional!)

Whooops, was busy forgot to post here X)

Chapter 2 of the last episode~

Love the small PA 3 interaction esque here~

Chapter 3 goes hard! Didn't expect them to experience those....

And yes the final episode! Chapter 4 and 5.... Honestly took me an hour to find how to unlock chapter 5 XD

Should've put a walkthrough but that's fine~

Overall it's a nice game, a lot of things that can be explored. Good chemistry between each characters~

But the story a bit confusing~


Does this have a walkthrough? I really enjoyed the game, it captures the art style and atmosphere of the original Purrfect Apawcalypse games perfectly, but like the other commenter I can't figure out how to get a happy ending.


I don't want to spoil anything but the solution is much simpler than you think

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i didn't know what i did but i suddenly triggered the ending



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I can't pass on ending last chapter for making happy ending?